Why invest in real estate in Thailand?

While investments in France are falling significantly and many Asian countries appear in the TOP 20 investors, the opportunity for investment in Thailand is more than ever to seize, whether to have his own home of to supplement his income, or to prepare for his retirement.

Thailand’s reasons for ranking the most popular destinations for a golden retirement, for example, are many: long-term growth prospects, climate of trust, business friendly country that attracts foreign companies in number, returns Attractive, a very good value for money, high quality medical services, real estate solutions for all budgets and an attractive tax system.

According to a report from the World Bank, Thailand ranks among the 20 countries in the world where it is easier to do business.

The different types of real estate acquisitions in Thailand.

The types of investment in Thailand differ, it may be a desire to invest for a rental purpose, the purchase of a second home to make it the ideal place for your vacation or an installation year round.

To do this, TPG offers a selection of quality goods rigorously selected by our team of professionals.

Buy a villa
Want space in a charming seaside resort? Your dream of a beautiful villa with swimming pool in Hua Hin or Phuket is made possible thanks to TPG which will offer you a first class property in an idyllic living environment at affordable prices!

Buy an apartment
Luxury in the heart of Bangkok near public transportation, the modernity overlooking the sea of Phuket or in the bustling city center of Pattaya, you will find the apartment of your dreams among the variety of choice of condominiums that TPG will have selected for you!