Two categories of investment to be made in Thailand.

Rental investment: diversification investment

At a time when traditional banking investments do not earn anything (booklet A at 0.75% …) where stock market investments are more random than ever in a globalized economy where speculative movements, buyouts, new technologies make the market reading very complex and uncertain, which investment to turn to diversify and value their savings?

The investment in the “stone”, safe haven, is made more and more difficult in France because of high prices and charges (and which caps), a taxation that penalizes the owners and a law that protects , sometimes to excess, the bad payers.

Two categories of investment to be made in Thailand.

As a result, more and more French people are turning to real estate investments abroad, in countries with a thriving economy and a less restrictive regulatory and tax environment for property owners.

Investing in Thailand is now one of the “credible” options. With a healthy economy, excellent infrastructure, a constantly growing tourist demand, a structured real estate market offering a very good quality / benefit / price ratio, a clear law governing real estate property for foreigners, and an advantageous tax system, the Thailand brings together all the fundamentals for a successful rental investment.

To learn all about the economic, real estate and tax environment in Thailand, ask for our investor guide.

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