Welcome to Koh Bon

Koh Bon is the closest to Rawai, smaller than Koh Lone, also visited ..
It has a restaurant run by a lovely English lady. At noon, there was nobody, but this lady explains to me that from 13 hours, the boats arrive, mostly Chinese who come to get the portrait. It must be admitted that the decor lends itself ..
The owner of the restaurant did not break the law in Thailand to this day and had to remove all the deckchairs from the beach to leave only a few well behind, in front of the restaurant, at the restaurant. shade of coconut trees ….
Personally, I found that there was worse as decor! Koh Bon.
At the opposite of the beach and the restaurant, is a beautiful deserted beach where you can see the remains of a resort that is now closed, but some wooden buildings remain.

Koh Lone