Welcome to Koh Lone

Koh Lone is an island east of Rawai about twenty minutes long tail boat.. Wild …

That’s the least we can say! My boatman offered me a visit to the island and introduced me to the ‘chief’ of the island, the mayor somehow. He does not see many tourists and took a real pleasure talking to me, in English, something he was very proud of.
He made me visit the school, but at this time there, no students … Koh Lone  is populated by 250 souls for most fishermen of Muslim religion.
While touring the island, I could see a small hotel, but in this period, I have the impression that there were not many people, in any case I did not see This is the hotel ” Baan Mai Cottages ” which can be found on the booking sites.
While touring the island you can see beautiful coves, expanses of sand and crystal clear sea. A paradise for those who love tranquility but to consume with moderation .. For a day it’s nice … more, it may be boring ..

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