Feeding in Thailand

In addition to its climate, beaches and culture, Thailand also seduces Europeans with its attractive cost of living.

Here are some information and benchmarks that will help you better understand your budget, whether you plan to visit the country or settle there.

We can eat very well for a few euros (2 or 3 euros) especially if you opt for Thai and local cuisine, from a streetfood vendor. Some of them are really excellent.

Given the large number of tourists, all the cuisines of the world are available in the Kingdom of Siam.Y including Michelin star restaurants.

Of course it will cost you more but nothing comparable with France, for example. You can make an excellent meal, with starter, main course and dessert for a dozen euros, in a “good” restaurant. If you want to cook yourself, you must know that the products available in supermarkets are imported.

If you are a cheese and wine enthusiast, these products will be charged at a high price. This will certainly cost you more than in Europe.

On the other hand, if you provide in markets, in local products, the note will be sweet. Especially if you have negotiating skills because it is always possible to haggle. Being able to say a few words in Thai will certainly be helpful.

Why invest in real estate in Thailand?